Question 9: List 5 Pieces of Art that Stimulate Your Brain Stem


Below is my list of 5 art pieces; but I encourage you to make your own list. Just remember that art does not mean just visual art; feel free to use any form of art.

1) Jonathan Larson’s Rent 

– This Broadway musical tells the story of one year in the life of a group of friends living with little to no money in New York City. The musical addresses drugs, AIDS, homosexuality, transgenders, loss, and most importantly love. Almost everyone has heard the song, Seasons of Love; but not many know about the musical. Not only is Rent my favorite musical, it is my number one piece of art that stimulates my brain to think about what life really entails.

2) The 1967 Photograph of the Peace Marcher

– This photography was first shown to me in US History and instantly it ignited something in brain. Perhaps it is the contrast between violence and nature; or simply the fact that the picture can solely speak for itself. Simply put, this picture really makes me think about the world and the history of mankind.


3) Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights 

– Anyone who knows me understands that musicals are perhaps my favorite form of art; and this musical is one I talk about nonstop. In the Heights tells the story of a small neighborhood in Washington Heights, as they rediscover their passions and begin to learn what it means to grow up and follow their dreams. The musical itself is full of intricate dance numbers and amazing songs; but it is the story line that ignites my brain and makes me think about what will be important to me in my future. This is a must see musical for anyone who loves Broadway.

4) Banksy’s Protest Graffiti 

– Any form of protest art ignites my brain and makes me think about what I could do to change the world;but Banksy’s always seems to do it the fastest. His art is impeccable and the message behind it is great. There isn’t much else to say but if you enjoy protest art I do recommenced looking up his work.


5) Disney’s The Newsies 

– Unlike the previous art pieces, this musical does not contain a necessarily deep message ( though it does teach you to seize the day and make change). The music and choreography from this musical ignites my brain to create something. Its the type of music that makes me hyped up to do something about the things I see in the world. It tells the story of the newsboys strike in 1899. Sound boring? The strike was organized by the kids themselves and the musical adds art, romance, and comedy to this historical event. Sometimes it just takes catchy songs and a lot of energy to ignite a brain.

What are your favorite pieces of art? What did you think of mine? Post it as a comment! Share it on Facebook! Tell the world what pieces of art ignite your brain!


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