Follow Up Activity


As I was looking through Soul Pancake I realized that the next page didn’t include a question, but a follow up activity to what drains and recharges your soul. So here is a brief post to help lead you in discovering what your soul is. 

In order to truly see your soul it takes art. But not just any art, I believe (as does Soul Pancake) that it takes a picture collage. Lucky for you, making picture collages is one of my many hobbies. 

The first step in making a collage is locating magazines,books, newspapers, and/or actually photographs. Make a big pile of all of these resources before even beginning to look through room. I personally think that collages turn out better when you create them in natural light; so I recommend finding a nice spot near a window. After finding your resources grab some scissors and dig in. Start flipping through the magazines and cut out any and all pictures that provoke an emotion in you. Remember that words are not out of the question; have fun playing on words, or even creating your own. Most importantly remember that nothing has to be perfect; it just has to be you. After cutting out all of your ideas and pictures; find a large piece of paper to paste them on to. It can be a color or it can be white. It can be whatever size best suits you. The background is just as important as the pictures. After finding your background it is time to paste your pictures down. Now there are two different ways to go about this. You can use Mod Podge (found at Michaels) or you can use glue. Mod Podge goes on to hold the pictures to the background, and over the pictures to hold them in place. It produces a more professional looking collage. Though I do like how that looks, I have found that Elmer’s Glue Sticks work just as well. The final step in your collage is to hang it somewhere so that you see it every day! It is important to be reminded of what your soul is! Below are several pictures of some of my favorite collages; both in progress and finished! Feel free to use them as inspiration; but in the end yours should be uniquely your own.Image



Make a visual of your soul! Hang it in your house! Post it as a comment! Share it on Facebook! Show your friends and family! Show the world your soul! 



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