Question 7: What drains your soul? What recharges it?


What a great question! Before even beginning to delve into what drains and recharges your soul; you first have to identify what a soul is. Now a soul is a lot like religion; there are many different viewpoints of it. Please keep in mind that this post is about how I personally define a soul; your idea of soul might be completely share it. Please share your thoughts on the matter! 

For me, a soul is your inner self. Its the part of you that goes beyond your appearance and hobbies; its the part of you that you leave behind after death. Your soul is something that even you can’t escape. Simply put, it is your true self.

So now; what drains a soul? Well I am sure for many it might be work, school, extended family, etc. But I challenge you, and myself to dig deeper. I know that for me personally sitting at a computer all day drains my soul. It leaves me feeling empty and tired. People with high energy (or who are refereed to as hyper) drain my soul. Draining your soul could be any task that you complete that makes you feel sad, tired, even hopeless. Though I know that you can’t always get out of soul draining activities, you can fight them. Try doing an activity that recharges your soul after spending a long time draining it. Also, while doing the draining task, make sure you tell yourself that its not that you are hopeless or tired its just that the task you are doing is soul draining. Just by acknowledging that simple fact, you can start to see things differently. 

Now before you can start combating draining by recharging; you have to figure out what recharges your soul. Again a lot of people might say being outside, yoga, exercising; and yes those are all positive ways to recharge; I challenge you to go beyond that mindset. Think about the activities that really make you feel alive. What makes you jump for joy, feel motivated, be alive? For me personally, listening to music, performing on stage, and being around younger kids really makes me happy and alive. Those are the moments in my life where I feel like I could change the world. An important part of being happy and loving life is making sure you recharge. We all take time out of our days to make sure we charge our cell phones; yet very few people take the time to recharge themselves. 

What drains your soul? What recharges it? What even is a soul? Post it as a comment! Share it on Facebook! Talk about it! Think about it! Tell the world about your soul! 



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