Question 6: People Watching


For the sixth question in Soul Pancake it talks about another activity. Luckily for me, this is an activity I take part in almost daily; People Watching.

The first step in People Watching is to learn what exactly it is. I am not telling you to go follow someone, in fact I am simply telling you to go found a spot that you can sit in for a long period of time.  So Step 1; think of a place you could go. It should be somewhere that experiences pedestrian traffic, but that would not be weird for you to be standing there for a long period of time. For example; a mall or a grocery store would work; but standing in a neighborhood might not be your best option. Now that you have chosen a location for your people watching; it is time to make a music playlist. Why music? Listening to music is not only good for the soul; it also helps you get rid of the excess noise around you. People watching is not a time for you “listen in” on conversations; you are simply watching their actions. So make a music playlist of songs that bring your energy up; your theme songs. It doesn’t matter how cheesy the songs are or how cliche they might be; no one will hear them but you. The final step in people watching is to go to your location, turn on your music, and observe the world around you. Look out for how families are different than couples; how women and different from men. Notice what times of the day people seem happier; wonder why that is. Ask yourself questions about what you see. Take away positive actions you see, and take note of the negative ones. People watching is not only a fun activity, it is one that can help you grow.

Now I challenge you to go out and watch people! I would love to hear about your experience. Post it as a comment, share it on Facebook, tell the world what you saw!




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