Question 5: How do thoughts affect reality?


What an open ended question! I mean everyone has very different thoughts, but we all live in the same reality. Some people are constantly thinking, while others “live in the moment”. That is another factor that makes this question difficult. I think it will be best if everyone answers this question using their own life as the example. Here goes my answer…


I am a thinker. I always have been the type of person who is constantly in thought. Over the years I have tried to be more in the moment, but a part of my brain is always in thought. Whether it be what I am going to do over the weekend, or me replaying a conversation; thoughts are always present. Now my reality is early college. I just started back at school last week and it is already intense. The teachers move quickly over topics and most things are only said once. My reality is fast paced and full of noise and distractions. Yet there I sit, quietly in my own world, thinking about my friends, lunch, my outfit, pretty much anything but school. I have noticed before that if I am thinking about happier thoughts then my attitude towards those in my reality will be better then if I am thinking about negative things. Sometimes my thoughts lead me to miss important information in my reality; and often times I stare blankly into space. My thoughts have a rather large affect on my reality now that I think about it. I have noticed that over 5 times during writing this blog post my mind has been many other places. I found myself thinking about what I could send as a text to my friend, when my parents were going to get home, how school would go tomorrow, and even about my outfit for school… on Tuesday. Therefore this blog post took longer to write and I made more typos then usual. Obviously my thoughts have a major affect on my reality.


How do you think thoughts affect reality? Post it as a comment! Share it on Facebook! Tell the world how you think thoughts affect reality.

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