Question 4: What is the interplay between fate and freewill?


I am now back to doing my Soul Pancake posts; and this question is definitely a great one to get me (and you) back onto the Soul Pancake Journey. As usual I think to answer this question fully you will need to do it in steps. The first step is determining, What is fate? says that fate is that which is inevitably predetermined; destiny. Honestly, that definition doesn’t help very much; in simpler terms fate is something that most certainly will happen to you, it’s something that you can’t escape. On the other hand free will is the ability to make up on your mind, and act on it. Now back to the initial question, how are these two things intertwined? For some people the answer may be simple; perhaps you don’t believe in fate, therefore they aren’t intertwined. But, since I do believe in fate it’s a little more complicated. To me the word fate reminds me of Mulan (if you read the post entitled Disney Culture you will understand where this is coming from). It was Mulan’s fate to save China, yet how she did that was her free will. No matter what happened in her life she was going to save China but how she did it was determined by her own free will. I know that using a Disney movie as an example makes the concept seem very farfetched, but it works in an average life as well. For example, I believe that when we are born our fate is determined; whether it be to cure cancer or be a world famous celebrity; the Universe (or God or Allah or Yahweh or whomever you believe in) already has that planned for you. But once you are born you are on your own. You have free will in your life; you make your own choices and mistakes. Some people might find their fate sooner than others; but in the end everyone finds their fate.


In short I think that the interplay between fate and free will is that your free will eventually will lead to your fate. So maybe it wasn’t your fate to work for minimum wage at the mall, but that was brought upon by your free will and the choices you have/had made, and you just have to know that it is only temporary; that your fate has yet to be shown to you.


What do you think the interplay is between fate and free will? Post it as a comment. Share it on Facebook. Tell the world what you think the interplay is!



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