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Question 3: How Do You Reconcile Discrepancies Between Reason and Faith?


For me this is an extra hard question because I am not religious so I don’t have a clear cut faith. Religion has never played an important role in my life, I didn’t go to church when I was little, I went to a Unitarian Universalist Church for a couple years but decided to stop going. In today’s society it may seem odd that I don’t go to church and I’m not religious; but for me it has always been something I’ve done on my own. I came up with my own faith and belief system. No I didn’t write a new Bible and come up with a new creation story, I just came up with my own faith. I really only believe in one saying, and that is  Everything happens for a reason. I have pretty much lived by that saying since the fourth grade. That was the year I moved around a lot and my way to deal with it was to just keep saying, “We are moving here for a reason”. That was the first time I really thought about the idea of faith.

Reason is usually what I rely on. I have always been into school and academics, so it’s no wonder that I have always leaned towards reason. My brain is constantly trying to grasp the idea of how something happens or why it happens. Science fascinates me, especially the idea of evolution. I have always been the girl who would choose to look for a physical way to help someone rather than to send them a prayer. Reason is something that I am always looking for and trying to understand.

So I guess the answer to this question depends on the person. For me I choose reason over faith. Whenever there is something contradictory between the two of them I always choose reason. I like stuff that I can completely grasp and that we have proof of. Don’t get me wrong I think it is important to have religion and faith in your life, and I love seeing people being passionate about their faith; it’s just not for me.


What are your thoughts on this question? Think about it, write it down, share it! I have a new Facebook page for the Neverland Effect so share it on there, or make it a comment, or just share it with your family. Tell the world how you reconcile discrepancies between reason and faith!



My idea of faith also includes love, love makes everything better  Love is an important part of my belief system

Question 2: Sidewalk Scribe


For the second question in Soul Pancake you had to complete an activity. But before I tell you about the activity I completed, I have to answer the question; What is your personal philosophy on life?  Instantly, the acronym YOLO came into my head. Not because its my philosophy, rather it is most other teens philosophy. To me YOLO (you only live once) is a good concept but not really a philosophy. I grew up a Disney buff, I have been to Disney World several times and could recite most of the movies by heart. Therefore my motto has always been Hakuna Mattata (it means no worries). Perhaps this is because of the famous Disney song, or maybe it is just simply that it is a good motto. But a motto is not a philosophy. Hakuna Mattata is a part of my life philosophy, as is the entire idea of the Neverland Effect.

My life philosophy is simply to live each and ever day to its fullest. Don’t worry about tomorrow or the past, just live in the moment. While living that way I try to keep that “childhood magic” alive in my heart and soul; for what’s the fun in a life without magic.

The second part of this question was to indeed be a Sidewalk Scribe. A sidewalk scribe is something most people have done at some point in their life. All you have to do is grab some chalk and find a sidewalk. Once there just relay your thoughts, life messages, mottos, anything you want on the sidewalk.

In case you need clearer instructions:

Step 1: Acquire chalk

Step 2: Go outside and find a sidewalk with your chalk


Step 3: Make your masterpiece


Now I challenge you to sum up your life philosophy then go be a sidewalk scribe. I would love to see your beautiful creations. Post it as a comment, share it on Facebook, show the world what your philosophy is!