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Question 1: How Do You Determine Truth?


What a great opening question. The first thing that popped into my head when I read this was, What is truth? Truth is something that you believe; whether it be the way an event took place, what you see, how you feel; truth means a lot of different things.  But to me the truth could be subjective. For example; say my friend and I are looking at the clouds (something I find complete pleasure in) and she says the cloud looks like a snake, while I say it appears to be a rabbit. Clearly the cloud could only really be a cloud; but does that mean we lied. No, it means we see things different. A lie is when you intentionally say something that isn’t so. For example, if my brother asked what I was doing right now and I said swimming; that would be a lie. But anyway, now that I clearly understand my thoughts on what is truth I can answer the question. I believe you determine truth by trying to see things from whomever perspective your questioning. Just because you don’t know something or you didn’t see it, doesn’t mean that it is not true. Now of course there are situations when you are hearing lots of information and you have to determine what you think is true. I determine truth in those situations by simply going with my gut feeling. When you hear lots of facts your body is always trying to tell you something. Your brain naturally leans towards one side of the argument. Don’t overthink or over-analyze the situation, go with your initial gut feeling; and for you, that is the truth.


In short; you determine truth by going with what you think. What you saw, heard, feel; that is the truth to you. After thinking about it, truth is a very subjective and personal thing. Maybe next time you will think twice before calling someone a liar, and realize that they just have a different truth than you.


I encourage you to think about what truth means to you. Post it as a comment, share it on your Facebook, tell the world how you determine truth!

Let the journey begin

The Soul Pancake Journey


Soul Pancake; Chew on Life’s Big Questions is a book by Rainn Wilson. In this book he simply asks big questions and leaves it up to you to discover your answer. Some of the questions are equipped with statistics, while others come with an activity you could do. The book is divided into the following sections; The Brain and the Soul, Art and Creativity, Experiences and Emotions, Love- Sex and Relationships, Virtues and Vices, Introspection- Reflection and Identity, God and Religion, Science and Technology, and Life-Death and Living. My plan is to go page by page and explain my answers to the questions via Neverland Effect. All of the posts on my blog will be my answers to the questions, but I encourage you to create your own answers to the questions. If you are interested in purchasing the book, by all means purchase it. I find it fun to flip through randomly. The story behind my copy of Soul Pancake is an interesting one.  During my 9th grade year, I went through a difficult time. My emotions were all over the place and I felt very lost. During that time I received a package from a close family friend. In this package was her copy of Soul Pancake.  At the time I wasn’t in a good place to look through the book (I recommend being in a clear mindset before thinking of answers to the questions). But now that I am in a clear place I am thoroughly enjoying reading through the book and cannot wait to share my answers with you.

What does this have to do with The Neverland Effect?

Its all in how you answer the questions. I could very easily research articles about the answers, and see what the world’s top thinkers have to say; but that defeats the purpose. The Neverland Effect is all about keeping that childhood mentality of thinking simply. So often as young adults and adults we complicate everything. My goal is to take these hard questions and answer them simply from how I feel. Not after hours of thinking, or weeks of researching; but I will simply read the question and write down exactly what comes into my head. I encourage you all to do the same. Start by doing it with the Soul Pancake questions I write about, then expand it to your daily life. I believe that simplicity is the key to happiness, and the key to staying in touch with your “inner youth”.